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Biohazard Wipe PakGuest Medical have worked continuously to develop specialised Kits and Paks to safely and efficiently deal with spillages of body fluids (including blood spills), chemicals, cytotoxic drugs, mercury, and ‘sharps’. Our range further extends into alcohol hand rubs, laboratory consumables, and phlebotomy products including our strikingly designed tourniquets.

Our dual purpose Biohazard (formally Chlor-Clean) Wipes, utilising the same formulation as the Chlor-Clean Tablets, combines the use of these wipes for general environmental cleaning and disinfection, with the anti-microbial strength and biocidal action against blood-borne viruses when placed directly on to a blood or blood stained body fluid spillage. These products along with our Haz-Tab Tablets and Granules provide a complete solution for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings.

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