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The HORIBA Medical Segment designs, develops and distributes worldwide, in vitro diagnostic systems mainly destined for biological analysis in medical laboratories. These automated analyzers meet the needs of various users including patients, doctors, private laboratories, clinics and university hospitals. HORIBA expertise in in vitro diagnostics is one of the most respected in hematology worldwide and contribute today to the health of tomorrow.

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Hematology Analyzer

Innovative solutions for your hematology tests with precise analyzers from HORIBA
The Hematology division of HORIBA Medical is providing a large range of hematology analyzers and automated instruments to realize blood analysis (blood cells identification and counting). These analysis will participate to the diagnosis of various blood related diseases. Our instruments are designed for all kind of laboratory, small laboratory (to 150 patients a day), to larger ones (more than 2000 patients a day). Indeed, efficient and reliable instruments, automated racks, data management and quality tools are providing the whole environment for high quality medical analysis requirements.

Hemostasis Analyzer

The Hemostasis division of HORIBA Medical provides an expansion of our commercial offerings, with a new comprehensive range of hemostasis analyzer instruments and reagents. Coagulation is a key procedure in the first line of action to stop bleeding, by the body itself or by medical drugs. These new instruments allow measurement of the components responsible for coagulation (fibrinogen, coagulation factors,…), in order to contribute to the diagnosis and the monitoring of bleeding disorders.

Clinical Chemistry

The Clinical Chemistry division of HORIBA Medical is providing compact and high autonomy instruments, to analyse molecules into plasma. These solutions allow to assess general health condition, to help the disease detection and monitoring therapies.

Automation - HELO Solution

An innovative design solution covering all the needs of a high throughput automated hematology platform.  Flexible and efficient, HELO* is the optimum answer to the constant evolution of your laboratory.