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genesig® qPCR Detection kits

The genesig® range of qPCR detection kits includes over 600 kits for human pathogen detection, veterinary diseases, food, water and agricultural analysis, GMO detection, species identification, biothreat detection, genotyping and many other niche applications.

genesig® qPCR detection kits are available for Everyone in multiple convenient kit formats which are optimised suit your PCR needs and expertise. These genesig qPCR detection kits are available in five convenient kit formats.

genesig “Easy” Kits are suitable for users of all experience levels and are designed specifically for the genesig q16, whilst their “Advanced” and “Standard” kits can be used on all other qPCR cyclers. genesigPLEX and genesigMYPLEX Kits are specialised multiplex kits.

Key Benefits
• All kits include a positive control and resuspension buffers.
• Rapid detection of all clinically relevant subtypes
• Fast and easy to use protocol
• High priming efficiency
• Sensitive to <100 copies of target
• Positive copy number standard curve for quantification.
• Supplied lyophilised - no cold chain shipping
• Exceptional value for money

Custom genesig qPCR detection kits - If your target of interest is missing from Primer Design’s huge menu, they can develop a new PCR detection test for you on demand in just 4-6 weeks.

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genesig Extraction Kits and products

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genesig Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

genesig® Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kits are fast, easy to perform and allow DNA and RNA extraction from virtually any sample type Everywhere using magnetic bead technology (no need for phenolic chemicals or electrical equipment).

Key Benefits
• Extracts DNA and RNA with high yields <60 minutes
• Works with huge range of sample types
     o Clinical and Veterinary – including swabs and urine
     o Food - including meat, fish, and milk; excluding processed food products
     o Environmental - including plant, soil, and water
• Safe protocol with no phenolic chemicals
• No centrifuge or electrical equipment required - for use in the lab or in the field

primer design magnetic rack

genesig® Easy Magnetic Rack for DNA/RNA Extraction

• For use with the genesig Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kit
• Enables simple nucleic acid extraction from up to 16 different samples at once.
• Allows for simple aspiration of samples direct from tubes