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P118: Heavy/Light Chain Immunoassays for Monitoring of a Multiple Myeloma Patient.

J. Radek1, P. Birkner1, I. Gruber1, D. Trubert-Exinger1

This study compared the performance of Hevylite with SPE and total immunoglobulin assays in the monitoring of a MM patient with a biclonal gammopathy (IgAk and IgGk).

Progression of the disease was detected by the IgGκ/IgGλ HLC ratio (due to suppression of IgGλ) earlier than by the other two methods.

Link to Radek – DGKL 2016

Please also find the following articles of interest attached:

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Link to De Santis – Oncology Letters 2016


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Link to Grimalt - CCLM 2016


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Link to Ramsden – ACB 2016 final


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Link to van de Donk – Intl J Lab Hem 2016