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de Mel S, Chen Y, Gopalakrishnan SK, Ooi M, Teo C, Tan D, et al. The Singapore Myeloma Study Group Consensus Guidelines for the management of patients with multiple myeloma. Singapore Med J 2016.

The Singapore Myeloma Study Group Consensus (SMSG) Guidelines provide an overview of MM patient management, including the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment.

Screening for a monoclonal gammopathy:

  • SMSG recommend using a serum only screening panel of SPE, sIFE and sFLC. 
  • ‘When SPEP, IFE and SFLC are available, screening for a monoclonal protein in the urine adds limited diagnostic or prognostic information and we do not recommend its routine use.’

Monitoring response to therapy:

  • SMSG response criteria are based on the IMWG uniform response criteria.
  • SMSG also recommend that sFLC levels, instead of M-protein quantification, be used for monitoring LCMM.

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